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Dear readers,

The Scientific journal AERO – JOURNAL is published by The Air Transport Department at the University of Zilina. It offers aviation professionals and academics an opportunity for publication of their research outcomes covering wide range of current issues in air transportation. The Air Transport Department at the University of Zilina (ATD) is a centre for education, research, and training in civil aviation. ATD provides accredited study programmes in a three - tier course structure of university education - bachelor, Ing (equivalent to MSc.) and PhD degrees. We also provide complex aircraft pilot training up to the CPL/IR/MEP (A) level (Commercial Pilot with twin-engine aeroplane qualification and qualification for flying in accordance with Instrument Flight Rules) and a theory up to the frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot) level including Multi Crew Cooperation course. ATD is also the base of the National Civil Aviation Security Training Centre of the Slovak Republic. The Centre runs basic aviation security courses in line with the EU regulations for all categories of personnel in aviation. The papers in this journal cover all the aspects of aviation (including airlines, airports, air traffic management, aerospace and maintenance). They focus on the following areas:

• Airport design and operations
• Aircraft operation
• Aircraft design
• Aviation security and safety
• Airline operations, economics and marketing
• Air traffic management
• Avionics
• Flight training
• Human factors
• Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Equipment
• Maintenance
• Meteorology and weather hazards

Prof. Antonín Kazda
Head of Scientific Board

All papers in the scientific journal are peer-reviewed at least by two members of the editorial board, chosen for their specialist knowledge.

Editorial Office

Editor in Chief: Assoc. Prof. Martin Bugaj, PhD.
Executive Editor: Assoc. Prof. Anna Tomová, CSc.
Technical Editor: Ing. Matúš Materna

The Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, University of Žilina

ISSN: 1338-8215